Style Up Open Shelving

January 25, 2021

Most of us love a good, organized open shelf. Often, we utilize open shelving with the intent to keep it organized and offer interest within a space. However, as time goes by, items get thrown onto that shelf and it becomes cluttered. Let us help you bring that open shelving to life again with these easy TriA Tips:

Keep it simple

Sometimes we get so excited trying to add elements to a shelf that we end up cluttering the shelf itself. Empty space is just as important! Negative space creates depth and helps other accessories to really accentuate the shelf. You do not have to add décor to the entire shelf, think of negative space as being as important as the actual decor.

Choose accessories that make the shelf become part of your décor. You can also bring in certain color palettes into the space with accessories: For example, if you have a certain accent wall in your living room and you would like to continue that color palette into the dining room, add accessories on a dining shelf or buffet console that carries the accent color. Open shelving can be used for functionality as well without foregoing a desired aesthetic.  For instance, if you have cords that you would like to leave out, try choosing accessories that have secret compartments, like a decorative box or basket.  Challenge your creativity during this awful pandemic by hiding your Lysol in a tall opaque vase, hello functional décor.

Plants and vases

Plants and vases help invite a feeling of nature in and liven up the room. Try adding climbing plants such as vines to the top shelf and let the plant can cascade downward, creating a whimsical look in the room. Another great tip is to add edible plants to your kitchen open shelving and easily grab a pinch while cooking.  Plants not only spruce up the space, but they help to purify the air in the room like Healthline said in a NASA study: “about indoor plants and their air cleaning abilities. While plants have less horsepower than air purifiers, they’re more natural, cost-effective, and therapeutic. NASA recommends two or three plants in 8 to 10-inch pots for every 100 square feet. Some plants are better at removing certain chemicals than others.”

Empty vases are also a great idea for decoration, a statement vase creates a very unique moment. If you feel your vase may need a little something to make it more charming, simply add flowers or stems, otherwise, your vase can become a wonderful part of the décor without the extra greens.

Storage cubes

Sentimental boxes are often used to hide paper or items that are important but you may not necessarily want visible.  You can add storage boxes to your shelves with items that are vital to the space, such as the TV remote, game controllers, chargers, and more. This way, your shelf does not look chaotic by keeping It structured and organized. Open shelving can be challenging so adding some storage cubes or baskets will help to ease the frustration of accessorizing because the box itself becomes an accessory. From books to staplers, well-designed open shelving can be achieved if you can just figure out how to manage the mess. 

TRIA Tip-Think beyond, open shelving adds so much visual space to a room versus closed shelving, making it a great choice for home offices, kitchens, or powder rooms. 

In the end, open shelving greatly enhances a space! You can add sentimental accessories that spark delight or act as a welcomed reminder.  The shelf can act as a unique display of moments that are special to you.

Let us know how you style up your own open shelving and tag us on Instagram! We can’t wait to see what you create!

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