Upscale your home!

January 12, 2021

Do you ever get the feeling that your home seems a little dated? We understand being confined to our homes sometimes makes it easy to get carried away with the “what ifs” and feel like we need to “keep up with the Joneses”.

There are many reasons why our clients consider upscaling to add value to their home; situations like moving to a bigger or smaller home, a new job, an empty nest, or adding family members.  We have also found many clients may not be planning a move but still want to upgrade their homes to enjoy for themselves. Being at home more has caused people to appreciate their space, surroundings but by being at home we realize that elements in the home that were great a few years ago,  probably, need a little refreshing now.

Adding value to your home does not need to crash your budget, you can easily update some key elements that will make your home look spectacular while keeping it in between the proverbial “lines”.  Still, the goal for loving or listing your home is the same? We want to make our home look and feel expensive, inexpensively. So, let us share our TRIA Tips for the most impactful upgrades:

  1. Paint
  2. Lighting
  3. Moldings
  4. Accessories


Choosing an updated paint color will transform your home right before your eyes.  Updating paint gives an immediate clean, new feel.  Adding accent walls brings interest to dull walls and can make a home much more dynamic. Remember to fill those cracks and holes so the walls really do look brand new! Paint color selection depends on the home’s aesthetic, as well as, your personal preference.  Lighter color palettes tend to create an airier feel to a room, while dark colors create drama and depth. 

TRIA tip: If you are looking for a uniquely fun pop in a room, painting the ceiling a different color will do the trick.

Moldings and Trims

Sometimes a good scrub can bring moldings and trim back to life but if not, painting molding a lighter color can enhance the existing wall and floor colors. Installing new “shoe molding” can greatly elevate moldings without replacing the entire baseboard.

A good thing about most moldings and trims, is they are purchased pre-primed in white, so the paint job is already half done! There are different types of materials when it comes to molding, everything from vinyl to solid wood, so you do have options depending on your particular budget. A key point to mention here is the materials look different from one another, so we recommend always looking in person before deciding.


Rachel, our CEO, always tells her clients to upgrade the lighting in their house first or if nothing else!  For the cost and impact; hands down, the biggest bang is upgrading lighting!!

It is amazing how quickly lighting updates a space. You can also upscale your house with antique chandeliers and another unique lighting, but be mindful of always enhancing the flow of the home.  Adding a few timeless elements can be subtly impactful! When we look at trends, we also look at the functionality, go check out our blog on 2021 Interior Design Trends where we share all things lighting.


Adding new accessories can quickly and easily make a home instantly look upgraded. Dark elements can make the home feel more modern, whereas, lighter elements tend to a more casual aesthetic.

Adding accessories is arguably the most fun category because it means getting out and go shopping!! If you do not want to spend much right now, try selling some of the existing accessories you have around, it is easy to sell on neighbor apps or other online marketplaces.  You’ll be surprised how many people will cherish your “nearly new” accessories. With that money, you can then buy updated replacements for your own home!

So, go for upscaling your house and enhance the space you call home. “87 percent of the more than 6,000 respondents said that their home design impacts their overall happiness. So if you’ve remodeled or redecorated your home in the past two years, you might be among the 74 percent who say they are now happier at home as a result.” (

What are you waiting for? Use these TRIA tips and Upscale your home today!

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