Home Décor: Winter Edition!

December 23, 2020

Regardless of how you celebrate the Holidays one thing most of us try to do is decorate our home “Winter Cozy”.  So, if you have already decorated your home, are still feel like you are missing some accessories, or maybe you have not even started (we got you, it is 2020 after all!), we have rounded up some easy and inexpensive tips, tricks and hacks to have your home ready for Winter in no time!

Here are the TRIA 3 L’s for Winter Decorating: Lights, Layers and Logs.


This hack is super low-cost, yet the result is so beautiful! These little sparklers can be found at many retail stores, with some very budget-friendly options. The microlights can provide a fairy-like backdrop for Winter, and as a bonus, you can save them for future special events, such as a birthday or shower. Microlights can enhance other accessories as well. For instance, candles or a mason jar full of acorns, add these lights around them and then place them anywhere for that season’s feel. You can also wrap them in wreaths and garlands.  They are little and attached to the same wire allowing you to save time by utilizing them instead of actual Christmas lights. Where these lights really shine (pun intended here!) is how they provide a warm glow under anything they are placed underneath, for instance, light fabric such as a gaze or a sheer fabric curtain. Have fun experimenting by placing them all-around your home!


Layers upon layers upon layers to keep you warm this Winter! Not only is this hack functional, but it creates such a welcoming feel in any space. What is more snuggly than a soft throw blanket?! Blankets placed on your bed, living room sofa, or placed in a basket near the social area can really elevate the coziness factor of a room. To get that wintery feel in a space, the chunky knitted blanket or plush blanket is one of our favorites!

One of the great aspects of throw blankets is they do not have to be expensive to be of good quality.  Many retail stores offer quality blankets at great price points. When it comes to colors, choose neutrals such as grays, whites, and browns to accentuate the material of the fabric (if the case is chunky knitted). Because of the color neutrality, the throw blanket looks elegant and you can use it in any part of the house, you can also change the blankets between rooms from time to time. TRIA Pro Tip- solid neutral colors are always timeless in most any décor element.


These can be actual wood logs or chopped circle log trays. Introducing an earthy wood element into space creates that cabin atmosphere, perfect for the winter season. You also introduce an added sensorial effect of Wintertime with these logs; they have a very specific smell, making your home look and feel like winter. Having a log holder near your fireplace helps keep the logs organized and let’s face it, they are visually pleasing.  Placing logs inside of the firebox is a wonderful option as well.   

Chopped log trays have been a trend for several years now and we are here for it! These trays are great for gifts, coasters, plate presentation, or just decoration. Place some chopped log trays on your coffee table, in the guest bathroom, or on a kitchen island with some candles and you are all set. If you have exposed cabinetry, placing the tray vertically can also enhance the season. Finally, if you have time on your hands, chopped log wreaths ala Martha Stewart has also been a thing forever.  For this trick you will just need a hot glue gun, a circle base, and several small mini chopped log circles, all can be found at any craft store. 

‘Tis the season!  and “Deck the halls” with these 3L’s, allowing you to experience that “cozy forest cabin” feel.  Grab your coffee,  a good book, and curl up under a cozy blanket and drift away.

We hope these TRIA Tips encourage many moments of serenity while you enjoy the Winter Season yet.

Happy Holidays from the TRIA Family!

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