2021 Interior Design Trends

November 10, 2020

We love to do research on what trends are upcoming and if they are suitable and functional to the actual space we are designing. But first, when we talk about trends, there could be a lot of information between categories and end up rather confusing. Let us make it easier for you by breaking it down.

Design categories for trends in 2021: Color, Lighting and Furniture.


If you notice everywhere you go, either a restaurant a house or retail store, color will become a particularly important part of the design. This is not only to make it look “nice” but the actual stimulation you get holds psychological studies done in the past. Fast food restaurants normally have bright colors and uncomfortable furniture because their goal is to keep bringing as many people in as out, since it is a fast service whereas environmental organizations normally use a specific color to associate it with earth.

Now, color trends when designing a space must have some combinations. The Interaction Design Foundation talks about this as “right contrast” where the correct combination becomes an eye-catching experience. There is a reason certain colors do not go together, and others merge perfectly for example when using green and red together, you think of Christmas.

For this 2021, some of the trends in color are neutral tones and monochromes. Monochromatic colors are when you use one color and use different shades of the same hue. If your accent wall color is a blue hue, your other walls on that space will be a different shade of the same blue, either lighter or darker.

Neutral tones refer to whites, black, grays and browns. Sherwin Williams released the color of the year for 2021 and in fact is the Urbane Bronze which is family of the brown hue. Another interesting find is green. Green hue is becoming extremely popular these last years, especially the emerald type. Behr published some color trends and one of them is the green hue called Royal Orchard following a Jojoba which is a lighter green color.


This category is the “make it or break” it for an interior space. Rachel tells her clients every time that in order to add value to a home, updating their lighting is the way to go. From floor lamps, accent lamps to ceiling and pendant lights, lighting can improve not only the way the color will look in a space, but it becomes part of the design instead of just an accessory. Before talking trends, it is important to understand that lighting has its different colors such as warm or cool. When researching for the best chandeliers for your home, you also need to keep in mind the actual bulb color.

The Edison bulb way back when was the typical incandescent light that everyone used because there was not any other alternative. Nowadays, modern bulb companies are reproducing the appearance of the Edison bulb without wasting the energy that the incandescent emitted, making it a more efficient bulb and still giving the antique look purpose.

The Interior Design Magazine is showing us a lot thin structure lines with light fixtures exposing the bulbs. We have seen this over the past few years, shaping the industrial concept into luxury. For the bulb itself, Interior Design magazine shows a lot of round shape bulbs, which are becoming more popular throughout the years with warm tones, again, creating the appearance of the incandescent light.

Let’s keep in mind that this year 2020, due to Covid-19, a lot of homes have turned into home offices, so this trend might not be as functional as having great lighting to be productive. Therefore, lighting in offices are bright and white, to achieve focus and for the color, we are still seeing the black iron look just like window and door frames divisions. Dark dramatic elements inside a space, when it is designed properly, can create an elegant and luxurious look without hurting your budget.


Let’s talk CANOPY BEDS! This type of furniture is trending more, and it is all about statement. We used to think of canopy beds as bulky and heavy-looking and we were not far from the truth. Canopy beds were big and had thick columns that took so much space in the master bedroom. So let’s embrace the new name of this type of furniture according to Kathy, from Kuo Home:

The Chic Canopy Bed.

Adding the word chic, makes it all better! This new concept has thin and sleek lines to create a statement without taking so much space in the room. Before, the purpose of the canopy bed was to close the bed with a thin fabric creating privacy, but now we have seen fabric-less structures, defeating the purpose of the function itself, but still engaging in the statement style by making the bed look taller and impactful.

Another trend is the contrast in colors. Light wood flooring and cabinetry with dark iron elements are trending more and more. Light and dark tones have a scientific explanation of why they complement each other, and it has to do with the Chroma which we mentioned earlier according to the color theory of The Interaction Design Foundation. We notice in the Furniture section of Lulu and Georgia, how everything is light wicker and wood combined with black metal elements, go to their page, and take a look!

All in all, tendencies come and go, but they are extremely useful to guide us into the right direction. You do not have to choose the trend, but the trend helps you understand why it is the popular item, because it performs well. Some trends even stick for several years and it is due to the same conclusion. In the interior design field, we are always focusing not only on the aesthetic of the item, but the full functionality of it and if it works, it works.

We are loving everything that speaks nature tones, dark metal features, and accessories. Let us know which other items you have seen that is making its entrance into the 2021 trends! We are always looking for the newest trends by showcasing how well they function within the space we are designing.














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