For the love of velvet!

November 20, 2020

Velvet, Yes Please!!
We believe this fabric has an outstanding presence across all eras when it comes to designing.  We are also aware and always learning that clients are hesitant to use this fabric because of a reputation of too lavish. So, we are here to answer our most common “Velvet Questions”:

  1. Is it too extravagant for my style?
  2. Is this fabric fragile? High maintenance?
  3. Is this fabric too expensive?

Too Extravagant ?

Let´s talk about why velvet is considered “too much” for an interior space. We do know that velvet can be a little intimidating since it has a history of luxury lifestyle back when the Baroque and Renaissance eras were at their peak. According to the Art Institute of Chicago, this type of material was extravagant because (the) “velvet production required a great deal of time, specialized labor, and a large volume of expensive materials” (  so it will basically need skilled artisans and raw materials and they were only found in major centers in Europe.

When we talk about something being too extravagant, let’s think of the synonym elaborated. This material creates the “Hey Big Spender” (cue in music) feel in your space and maybe that is what your space needs to create a high style look.  Remember this is exactly why velvet has transcended over time.  This material has a sensorial feel that makes the piece of furniture look elevated and feels unique.

Too Fragile ?

The answer is “it depends”.  It depends on what type of furniture you are using it on and what type of velvet performs well. There are several types of velvets today such as Silk velvet, Rayon or Nylon Velvet, Linen Velvet, and Mohair Velvet. All these have different performances and usage.

For example, Silk Velvet is considered the most expensive velvet of the family because of the soft and smooth texture it has and the wet appearance it creates. It is recommended to use it in furniture that you will not use daily and this type of velvet will stain easily according to Yorkshire Fabric Shop.

Crushed Velvet

Another example is crushed velvet, which will be in the shiny category. It is called crushed because of the twist and flatten process it goes to create that look. This type of material needs to be away from daily direct sunlight, which can be a little discouraging for everyday use.

Now, there are velvets resistant to stains, but some companies have created the “Everyday performance velvet” this upholstery fabric will achieve the look you desire and be resistant to stains, spills, is easy to clean, and great for everyday use. This way you do not have to compromise your style to have velvet furniture in your living room and not be stressed about how to maintain it. 

Too Expensive ?

Velvet has been present in eras where carrying this material in the clothes and furniture meant a higher social class.  We agree that Velvet has an impression of being too expensive just for the allure that it has created over time. In fact, The Met has an online essay on historical textiles and mentions that “The silk velvet was the most expensive and prestigious textiles” (

Today, velvet still carries that reputation of being too pricey and some of our clients still use this material as a high-end statement in their space but what we have nowadays are OPTIONS. From natural fibers to synthetic products and a combination of both, there are a lot of price options in velvet to fit your budget.

Upholstery is there to help beautify the furniture so adding velvet to your style, even if it is a minimalistic and modern style, will extenuate the shape of the furniture. We have incorporated this fabric into our designs because of how well it stands out in the space, by creating an eye-catching look due to how the light reflects beautifully with the material.

So, if you have been on the fence about incorporating velvet, get off of it and go for that velvet piece you have been dreaming about! Create your very own uniquely elevated style.  Enjoy the royal tactile and visual indulgence that velvet offers, and you will quickly realize why King Louis loved it as much you will!


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