Home office during a pandemic #Covid19

December 1, 2020

A lot of us have had to transform our home into an office space since quarantine started for seems like forever ago. Some of us have kids running around, some have more than one person in the house working as well, others do not have a specific space designated for office in their home, but here we are, thriving right?

We thought 2020 was going to be a lot different than what it turned out to be, but what’s  important to remember is we will always have options regarding space, organization, and design.

GIMME SPACE, even when it is hard to find!

2020 has reminded us that family is important, but so is SPACE. Full time working moms love their kids, but they also need space to work. Stay at home parents love their kids, but they also need space to work. So basically, we all need some space, either for office work or for home responsibilities. That said, this space can be crucial when you live in an apartment or smaller home, but finding the right corner with great natural light will give you a sense of reprieve.

Designate a space for your office. Working on the kitchen countertop or dining room table will help you in the short run, but eventually, it will become tiring trying to pick up everything before breakfast, lunch, and dinner just so you can eat. Or you just may elect to not use this table for anything other than work.

Space does not mean you have to encompass the entire room, choose an area within the room with good light, this will help you to concentrate while combatting any background noise. They are a variety of easy- to – build desks that can help set the office tone and define the functionality of the dedicated area.


Before the pandemic, your office paperwork and materials would typically be left in a cooperate office setting, in a well-organized tray. Well, fast forward to being at home and all of your office peripherals are stacked under the nightstand while the recurrent paperwork pile is maybe somewhere in the kitchen, we get it, you are not alone! The trick to organization is to choose elements that will help you get and stay organized in the long run. Place some paper trays on the wall so they do not take space on your desk.

What we have talked about before with organization is to use clear boxes on your desk with items such as pencils, notes, or paperclips that will keep you as organized as possible. This will ensure that you can see all office materials at once and choose the right one to work with. For backstock office materials or materials you normally would not use daily, consider a solid box where things can get messy, but you do not have to look at it, let’s mitigate the stress.


Now another great aspect of being at home is that you can design your office however you want. Limitless opportunity abounds, you can integrate your office space into your home, so that way it will not look like an office yet still feel like an office, confusing right?

First (and again),  you need to find a place in your home with natural light, this will help you focus, and also for all those zoom meetings, the bonus is that you will look great with that lovely light hitting you on the right angles. Office spaces normally use fluorescent lights which create a bright white light, and its main purpose is to avoid sleepy employees, therefore improving efficiency. Having a natural light will not only improve your focus, but you have something pleasant to look for outside. We even suggest placing a pretty potted plant just outside your window (if space is on the first floor).

Now the more organized and designed your home office space is, the more you will enjoy it and inevitably the more you will want to work within the space. So, take the time to include some of your favorite elements, helping you to find a sense of peace within the space. From plants to some lavender candles, a lovely lamp, or a goal board.  We encourage you to find a way to bring about a sense of serenity.

In closing, whether space is for job productivity or having a place for you to reset, a space just for you is essential for your peace of mind. In your home, there is always that little space that you don’t know exactly what to do with it, or you may not know how to organize it.  Take advantage of it and create a little office that can help you be more productive. As we have discussed, it does not have to be for office use only, this little space can also be used for paying bills, sending Christmas cards, fill out kids’ school paperwork, and more.

So, look no further! Find a good spot in your home, organize it, and design it yourself. Create the office you have always wanted within a space you never would have only imagined. Maximize your efficiency and thrive!  2020 is quickly coming to an end and 2021 will surely bring its own surprises, after all, life moves on and we have the unique opportunity to create the best out of whatever it brings!

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